NL series of sewage pump products

NL series of sewage pump is a single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump centrifugal pump, the main components of the volute, impeller, pump base, pump housing, support tube, motor base, motor and other components. Volute, pump seat, motor seat, impeller nut is cast iron, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance is better, the processing technology is convenient. (A), demolition 1, demolition of electric or surface plate, outlet pipe. 2, split Taipa driven semi-coupling, and then remove the key, and then remove the motor base, and support cylinder separation. 3, disassemble the pump seat and support cylinder bolts, make it separate. 4, remove the shaft sleeve and bearing from the shaft. (B), installation 1, check all the parts? Are there any defects, all paper pad coated with a layer of books on both sides of the butter, plus two-thirds of the bearing butter. 2, skeleton oil seal must be filled with butter into the pump seat, and then loaded on the bearings. 3, the sleeve fitted with a 0-ring sealed with butter. 4, the bearing in the motor seat, put the paper pad, oil seal ring, mounted on the shaft and the support tube with screws. 5, put paper pad, fitted with bearings, bushings, keys, pump seat and impeller, tighten the impeller nut hand rotating impeller, flexible rotation can be. NL series of sewage pump parameters table (C), Notes 1, the pump power must be three-phase four-wire system, if no ground wire, must be installed to prevent leakage. Work, to be equipped with a circuit similar to the motor fuses and? Close, in case the impeller debris burned motor burn. 2, the pump can be used without having to install any basic device that can run, as long as you can rely on a solid slope, if necessary, fasten with a rope to prevent accidents. After starting the motor must be checked for direction of rotation and must not be reversed for more than one minute. 3, when the liquid being sucked in contains more weeds, wire, wood, bricks and other debris, you must try to get rid of beforehand, and can be taken to put wire basket and other methods to prevent debris sucked into the pump Cause impeller damage, stuck and pipeline obstruction and other accidents. 4, the pump suction in the mud and other contaminants should be given short-term water, in order to flush the pump and the pipe interior. 5, working in the open air, the motor should be installed to prevent rain and other immersion motor. 6, at the bottom of the river, the sump should be hung on the bottom of the tripod, and can be put on a float or ship moving operations, during earthworks work, high pressure water to break the soil block diameter of not more than one-third of the inlet . 7, the pump speed is the maximum speed of the pump, shall not be arbitrarily increased; reduce the speed of use is not limited, but the effect is significantly reduced. The sewage pump can be vertical or inclined to use, covers an area of ​​?? small, volute buried in the working medium to work, easy to start, without diversion, the direction of rotation should be seen from the rear of the motor clockwise work. Expand to read: Guangzhou Central Expo China Construction Water Show Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Xiao Hai (Service Hotline: 400-6030-811)

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