Baihejing family cultivation and maintenance skills

White crane   Family cultivation and maintenance skills :

White cranes can be propagated by ramets and sowing. Plants that grow robustly can be sown once every two years, usually in the spring when combined with changing pots or after autumn. Before the sprouts are born, the limited plants are poured out from the pots, the old culture soil is removed, and the rhizome is divided into several clusters at the base of the cluster (three or more buds per cluster), and the new culture soil is re-potted. After flowering, the white crane carp can be obtained by artificial pollination, and can be used for breeding with the seedling. However, due to the rapid speed of the stalks of the white cranes, the ramets method is used for breeding.

Baihejing potted plants require loose soil, drainage and aeration, and can not be used for sticky soil. Generally, it can be mixed with humus soil, peat soil and a small amount of perlite to form a matrix; when planting, a small amount of farmyard manure is used as the base fertilizer. Because the growth of vegetables is fast, the amount of fertilizer is large, so the liquid fertilizer must be applied once every one to two weeks in the growing season; at the same time, sufficient water is supplied, and the soil is kept moist, and the water should be sprayed to the foliage and the ground during the high temperature period. To increase the humidity of the air. If the surrounding environment is too dry, the new leaves become smaller and yellower, and when it is severe, the yellow leaves fall off. In the end of autumn and winter, the amount of water should be reduced, and the soil should be kept slightly wet Bp. It requires semi-yin conditions, which must be shaded by 60% to 70% during the growing season. If the light is too strong, the leaves are prone to burns, dry, and the leaves are dull and tarnished; but the long-term light is too dark, the plants are not strong and not easy to flower. Baiheyu is a kind of high temperature type. It is easy to cause root rot and yellow on the ground due to long-term low temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to cold insulation during winter, while keeping the soil moist.

The white crane is similar to the bamboo raft. The flower looks like a crane, and it is very slim and white. It gives people the beauty of “pure and calm, peaceful and peaceful” and is regarded as “the flower of innocence”. The folks feel that Baihe has a kind of auspicious meaning, and according to the image of its flower, its name is "one sail and phoenix". Because the white cranes are beautiful, light and colorful, strong and yin-resistant, they are favored by people and are often used for indoor greening and beautification.

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