Prevention and Control of Main Pests and Diseases in Summer Maize

In the middle and late stages of summer maize, there are many stages of pests and diseases. The main pests are corn borer, armyworm, aphid, red spider, etc. The main diseases are leaf spot, stem rot (green and dry) disease, rust, etc. Forecast, strengthen prevention and control.

When the rate of general control of corn borer reaches 10% , 1% phoxim granules can be used for quantitative application in corn heart leaves, about 1 gram per plant .

Corn locust control can be used to control 50% of the smog of 8 to 10 grams per mu or 10% of imidacloprid 10 to 15 grams per acre of 45 kilograms of water .

The control of armyworm can be controlled by spraying 2.5% deltamethrin 1500 ~ 2000 times or 50% phoxim 1000 times.

The control of red spider after corn grouting, especially in the case of drought and hot weather, is also the most dangerous period of red spider. When the rate of leaf insects in the field reaches more than 10% , the back of the leaf can be sprayed with dicofol or omethoate 1000 times.

Leaf spot control can be sprayed with 50% carbendazim, 75% mancozeb, 70% methyl thiophanate 500 times

Rust prevention and treatment in the early stage of the disease with 25% powder rust WP or emulsifier 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid, or 20% triazolone sulfur suspension 800 times solution, or 40% polysulfur suspension 600 times solution, or 50% ultra-sulphur Suspending agent 300 times liquid and other spray control.

The prevention and control of bacterial wilt should be based on prevention. When sporadic disease plants are found in the middle and late stages of corn growth, they can be rooted with metalaxyl 400 times solution or carbendazim 500 times solution, 500 ml per solution . ( Chen Maochun, Shiyan Agricultural School, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province )




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