Stone plate mining made new progress

Stone plate mining made new progress

As of December 14th, the Preliminary Design of the Deep Mining Project for the 4-8 Group of Shangqing Mining Area of ​​Tonghua Group's Banshi Mining Co., Ltd., prepared by Chinagall North, passed the review of the group of experts organized by Tonggang Mining Co., Ltd. The No. 17 and No. 18 ore groups have identified new resource reserves. The design work for underground mining of No. 17 ore group has been officially launched.

In order to alleviate the current status of the large ore gap, Tonghua Iron and Steel Group Banshi Mining Company conducted deep mining of the ore group in the Shangqing mining area and conducted underground mining of some ore groups in the Baumenyuan Mining Area. The deep mining of the 4-8 coal mines in the Shangqing Mining Area adopts joint exploration and mining without sub-column sublevel caving method, with a scale of 2.85 million tons/year (ie, 4 to 6 mines of 2.35 million tons/year and 7 to 8 mines of 50 10,000 tons/year). According to the Production and Exploration Report for the Group 16, 17 and 18 of the Underground Mine of the Panshigou Iron Mine in Baishan City, Jilin Province, the new resource reserves of the No. 17 ore group in the Baumhamyuan Mining Area were 1987.7 million tons, and the No. 18 ore group in the Guqianyuan Mining Area was new. Increase reserves of 6.9976 million tons. According to the preliminary program verification, the Group 17 can be increased from the current scale of 250,000 tons/year to 500,000 tons/year, and the service life of the Group No. 18 of 800,000 tons/year can be extended.

After completion of the above projects, it will achieve the purpose of maintaining stable and continuous production of Banshi Mining, gradually increasing production capacity, reducing investment, and sharing resources, and will play a positive role in promoting the self-sufficiency rate of iron ore raw materials of Tonghua Group and improving the market competitiveness of products.

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