For a variety of terrain concrete pan mixer

Concrete pan mixer for concrete production to meet a variety of needs , the machine must not only comply with the technical standards, but also must be able to adapt to a variety of site topography premise . Depending on the requirements needed to design the machine and its components , including a very important one is this: for the modified machine technology features, additions and extensions, automated systems need to have a high level of flexibility. Concrete mixing system Concrete mixing system includes a variety of separate units and processes. Mixers Mission control system is to ensure safe and reliable stirring manipulation, it is primarily the mixer motor and control mechanisms cover closed , indirect drive control mixing tube is also a must. Today, most are equipped with a stirrer consistency measurement apparatus , Moreover, the mixing system is also equipped with a microwave sensor for measuring the humidity and temperature sensors. Concrete governance Concrete control equipment including concrete silos , concrete mixer machine price in india scales and spiral by the inverter control . Measurement scales or radar sensors for measuring the amount of material in the silo . To avoid a lot of dust , concrete mixers must also be equipped with air filters , the use of vibration theory automatic removal of dust in the air . In addition, the use of sensors also protect the silo to avoid excessive pressure within the warehouse . Transport gravel Gravel weighed or measured by the strain gauge sensors on the conveyor belt at the discharge chute . If using gravel trucks , they are controlled by the frequency converter , the terminal position sensors and secure terminal position sensor. Sand silos vibrating device comprises one to two , to ensure accurate charging . In demanding applications, the amount of gravel silo by a radar sensor to measure . If necessary , the radar sensor can also be used to measure the moisture in the sand . Thus , by virtue of measurement data can be collected on the concrete pre-mixing process accordingly adjusted . Measuring the amount of water First, measure the amount of water weighing scales with two control valves by , and then use the parallel flow meter for more accurate measurement . Add accessories Concrete is based on the detailed requirements of different applications produced , and therefore its characteristics are not the same . Today, in the concrete production process does not add any ingredient is hard to imagine that these small amounts of materials is the use of pumps and metering scales added . In addition to optimizing the control program , the B & R automation system can also ensure the implementation of safety procedures concrete mixer . In this case , the control system is not only to create presentations and statistics based on the database , but also the necessary data systems to connect the company a higher level . Remote I / O distribution to reduce costs X20/X67 system components to control the use of new concrete mixer, these modules interconnected in a field enclosure , X2X rapid data communication via the bus , has the advantage of simplifying the distribution of the input and output modules . I / O modules on demand distribution , not only reduces the amount of wiring and greatly reduced costs. In the creation of tables, graphs or database management , they can control the system bus connection via Ethernet with TCP / IP protocol , which is based PLC with OPC server implementation. In this way the design of the control system can be easily extended - meaning high degree of flexibility for manufacturers . In most cases , the controller is not only focused on the use of  mini concrete mixer itself , but also deal with many other concrete production is not directly related to the equipment, which is also included in QEL offered products, including recycling, sand and water heating, insulation, lighting and so on. Because the B & R technology flexible and open architecture , making it ideally suited to optimize the integration of different systems , thus meet a variety of requirements.

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