Shall we choose Stainless Steel Fittings or steel fittings ?

About Stainless Steel fittings and steel fittings With today`s world, stainless steel fittings are slowly but steadily replacing the traditional steel fittings. Most iron craftsmen understand the difference between the two almost similar products. But, to those who may need a simple explanation of the contrast of the two major iron products, the explanation in one sentence is that: Steel is made of pure iron that is prone to rusting or corrosion whereas stainless steel is a product of alloyed iron with an intention of curbing rusting. This feature is the main difference and reason of their popularity. PROs and CONs of Stainless Steel fittings in a Nutshell: PROs: Durability: unlike other steel products, stainless steel are manufactured with an extra ability to sustain corrosion. Thus are recommended for use in areas that experience long exposure to open air and moisture. Great designs: Besides the lengthy life spans, these products have an extra feature of great designs. Basically, they always present an irrefutable work of art. The man-shape connection fittings and the staircase handrail fittings are two popular examples of this great feature. CONs: Pricing: When compared to steel (pure) fittings, the stainless steel products may seem to be priced with some cut above the normal price. This to some may seem an undoing feature as some jobs are temporal. Thus such tasks may need a cheaper option for the short duration. Inside the Better-Fitting Stainless Steel Store. As professional online dealers, our store of Stainless Steel Fittings is second to none. We are online custodians of products ranging from the most popular to the least popular stainless steel fittings. The main products in store include: The common SS fitting: which can be employed alongside PVC in the fluid systems or one may also use it in the water control system. Elbow fitting: Is best suited for fluid pressure control systems on bends. They are used mainly for PVC piping system. The SS cap: it is one of the commonest fittings. It is majorly used for sealing fluid pipes as a sanitary precaution. The round head insert: it is a tough stainless head which is mainly used with machines or for a pipe fitting. The stainless steel used is of type 304 or type 316. Thus making it among the strongest and the most durable. Besides the products above, one can find most of our stainless steel products listing here. Verdict: Whenever durability needs to be coupled up with great efficiency; stainless steel fittings will undoubtedly emerge as the market`s favorite fittings. In most instances, stainless steel fittings are valued higher than steel fittings. The main reason why this is so is due to the cost of production. All our products are verified and ascertained for quality and durability. Thus, though some though some of the fittings may look a little costly, they are because of their outstanding quality. Our customers` reviews are the proof that our products are cheaper than anywhere else.

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