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The plan has not changed fast. No matter how detailed and complete the plan you have done before the renovation, it is still very difficult to avoid accidents during the renovation. Originally, the decoration was hard enough, and it was even more annoying. For smoother renovations, you need to take a few more steps to get into your new home as soon as possible. The first step: Demolition reform genius first step, bird's diapers. The first step in the renovation, dismantled and confused. For the owner, after all, the original look is difficult to meet everyone's imagination, demolition and reform is inevitable. The pattern is not good, split! Wall is not good, split! Let the house return to the original rough room. However, dismantling reforms is not just a matter of convenience. There are many places that need attention. For example, before the renovation, we must first shut off the valves such as water and electricity, and check whether the bare wires are wrapped or not, so as to avoid danger of renovation. Also, do a good job of protecting the drainage area. Be careful of stones, dust, etc. to block it. The second step: mud tiles I am a painter, painting skills. I want to brush that new house more beautifully. This is a childhood song that I learned when I was a child. Is it really exciting to really touch the "painting" nowadays? However, do not ignore the supervision of the masonry project because of the excitement. The masonry project can be divided into two stages. The first one is the waterproof project. The importance of waterproofing is surely not to say any more. Think about how you are going to the toilet and the water droplets hit you rhythmically. How bad is this experience? The waterproof layer needs to be two or three layers. On the one hand, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of water leakage problems in the future, and on the other hand it can also prevent water seeping downstairs when doing waterproof tests. After the waterproof is the second stage, let the tile master tile. The third step: the water pipes are hot in the summer, with cold water; cold in the winter, with hot water. Now the water pipes in residents' homes are not only cold water, they are often used alternately hot and cold, and water pipes are prone to rupture due to heat and cold shrinkage. So choose a good material of the water pipe is very necessary, I think the stainless steel material is very good, not only the quality is not easy to go wrong, but also play a certain role in insulation. After the water pipe is installed, it must be tested on the spot to ensure the security. Step 4: The window is the window of the human mind. The window is the house's eyes. In the end of the mud must be fitted with aluminum windows, after filling the window frame with cement, and then use silicone for edge. This will not only improve the stability of the aluminum window, but also enhance the waterproof capacity.

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