Innovation Universal Pentium Series Wing Gate Function Description Introduction

Wing gate, one of the channel management equipment, is mainly used for the management of pedestrian passages. It is characterized by rapid opening, safety, and convenience. It is an ideal management and grooming device for pedestrians with high-frequency access, and is now widely used in airports, subway stations, and stations. , docks, attractions, parks, unit walkways, etc., can be used in conjunction with smart cards to implement offline ticket management system functions and form unattended management of personnel access. - From Encyclopedia

Innovative Universal Wing Gate

First, innovation Universal Pentium Series Wing Gate function parameters:

The innovative Universal Pentium Series wing gate is a new high-tech channel product that is upgraded to meet the defects of the universal series of wing gates. The product adopts a new industrial-grade circuit control system and advanced mechanical transmission design, plus precise and accurate limits. Technology makes the product greatly improved in terms of performance, smoothness, environmental protection, longevity, cost-effectiveness, and noise.

The Pentium series wing gates have all the functions of a universal series of wing gates and have unparalleled significant advantages.

Second, innovation Universal Pentium Series Wing Gate function debugging 1. With fault self-test and alarm prompts, user-friendly maintenance and use;

2. Can be connected to any control device output control signal or button or remote control, to achieve a single two-way control access;

3. Automatic reset function: The system will automatically cancel the authority of the current access every time it is telescopic 90 degrees, and after detecting that people and objects have passed, that is, automatically reset, or if the time is not available within the specified time (adjustable delay times). And return to the initial position;

4 light instructions: high brightness light status indicator, guide the passage;

5. Anti-trailing function:

(1) After the passing of the person and object on the front face, during the resetting process of the swinging wing, if a person is trailing or flushing, a warning is issued;

(2). (when equipped with infrared detection) When the person and object on the front face do not pass completely, if someone trails in, the infrared will start the alarm;

(3). When a person is swiping a card and a person in the reverse direction breaks in, the swinging wing will close. When the person or item exits, the swinging wing will open again and allow it to pass in the forward direction;

6. Fire input: can be connected with the fire alarm signal, to achieve constant power normally open;

7. Alarm reminder function: When the illegal traffic or red brake, it will automatically send an alarm;

8. The speed is adjustable: swinging wings open and close the speed of 8 gears adjustable, users can set according to actual needs;

9. Automatic protection function: When the external force prevents the normal operation of the swing wing, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect and automatically enter the hibernation state after 5 times. When the next legal signal input, the gate will automatically return to normal;

10. Anti-collision buffer function: When illegally passing or forcibly following traffic, when human or objects block the swinging wings, humanized anti-injury is achieved. Also greatly reduces the mechanical damage caused by collisions;

11. Unoccupied: Power-off oscillating wing is normally open automatically, and power is automatically reset (blocking traffic);

12. Quick Mute: Electric boost, mechanical zero wear. About 45-60 person/minutes.

Third, the innovative Universal Pentium Series Wing Gate expandable features:

1, through the management computer to achieve remote control and management (command docking).

2. Counting function, realizing the statistics of the number of people present at the site, and the guarantor can count accurately after passing.

3, personalized voice prompts, so that the channel closer to life.

IV. Innovative Generic Pentium Series Wing Gate Technical Parameters:

â—‡ Shell material: SUS304 stainless steel â—‡ Size: According to the style â—‡ Weight: According to the style â—‡ Swing wing section: 260mm (standard) Acrylic â—‡ Open Close speed: 0.8-2S

◇ Motor: 24V/30W DC ◇ Positioning Accuracy: 120° Photoelectric Positioning ◇ Adaptation Temperature: -40°C~80°C

Adapt to humidity: 5% - 90%

â—‡ Delay reset time: 3S, 5S, 10S, 20S adjustable â—‡ Speed: about 45-60 person/minute â—‡ Shell processing: laser, bending, cutting, welding, polishing, grinding and other processes to produce â—‡ working environment : Indoor and outdoor

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