Six precautions to help you choose the right cabinet

Look at the assembly effect of the whole set of cabinets, the small gap of the cabinet should be even, and the door panel should be straight. Any dimensional error in the production process will be displayed on the door panel. The door panels produced by professional manufacturers are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the doors is even. However, in the small cabinets, the door panels will have uneven door gaps and uneven gaps. Big and small, so the door panel is not on a flat surface.

Second, looking at punching, the current panel furniture is assembled by a three-in-one connector, which requires a lot of positioning holes on the board. The fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet. The professional manufacturer uses a 32-magic multi-row drill to complete a hole on the side of the board and the holes on the board. These holes are a positioning reference, so the accuracy of the size is guaranteed in the cooperation of the hole position. Handmade small factories use row drills and even hand drills to punch holes. Due to different positioning datums and large dimensional errors during positioning, the misalignment accuracy of the hole position is very large, and even the hole position may not be matched during the casing assembly process, so that the combined case size error Larger, not very regular square, but distorted.

Third, look at the board, the board is also called the opening of the board, is the first process of cabinet production. The large-scale specialized enterprise uses the electronic cutting saw to input the processing size through the computer, and the computer controls the dimensional accuracy of the material selection, and can process several plates at a time. The performance of the device is stable and the plate size precision is very high, and the tolerance unit is in the micrometer, and There is no collapse at the edge of the board. The hand workshop type small factory uses a small manual cutting saw, or even a simple operation table with a woodworking cutting saw. The plate size error caused by this simple device is often larger than 1 mm, and often occurs. The collapse phenomenon, that is, the sheet substrate is exposed.

Four look at the door panel, the door panel is the face of the cabinet, just as important as the human face. Everyone wants to choose a good-looking "face" for their cabinets, and the distorted "face" is certainly not in the list. Door panels produced by small factories are susceptible to moisture deformation due to improper handling of the substrate and surface processes.

Fifth, look at the edge of the board, the edge of the high-quality cabinet is fine, smooth, feels good, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine. The professional manufacturer uses the straight edge banding machine to complete the steps of edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and polishing. The glue is evenly applied, the pressure of the pressure sealing edge is stable, the workstations on the assembly line work continuously, and the precision of the processing size can be Adjust to the most suitable area to ensure the most accurate size. The workshop-style small factory is glued with a brush, manually pressed and sealed, and trimmed with a crepe paper knife. It is polished with a manual polishing machine. Even the edge has a feeling of rowing. Because the pressure is not uniform, many places are not strong, and it is easy to open and fall off in a short time. Once the edge is cut off, there will be water ingress and expansion, and a large amount of formaldehyde and other toxic. The gas volatilizes into the air, causing harm to the human body.

Six look at the slide rails of the drawer. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Due to the dimensional error of the hole position and the plate, there is an error in the matching of the mounting dimensions of the slide rail, which causes the drawer to be pulled unsmoothly or loosely left and right. Also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is even.  

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