Lighting unit rechargeable UK developed LED gravity lamp

There are still many people in the world still lacking electricity supply, and GravityLight is designed to help people in these areas solve lighting problems.

When most developed regions of the world use electricity to watch television, use computers, and use a variety of electrical and equine products to enrich their lives, the first widespread use of electricity is easily forgotten: the humble lighting fixtures Ignored.

LED gravity light lighting effect

The gravity lamp development team stated that there are still about 150 million people in the developing countries who rely on kerosene lamps to provide lighting, according to a recent study by the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Illinois. The kerosene lamp's pollution to the environment and its harm to human health are much more terrible than previously thought.

This gravity light is an LED light. The user only needs to raise a bag weighing 20 pounds (about 9 kilograms) to allow the gravity light to work continuously for 30 minutes. Gravity lights do not need to recharge batteries or other energy sources at all, which means that it does not cost at work.

LED gravity lamp design

In addition, the lighting unit can also be used to charge other devices, such as radios or rechargeable batteries, simply by connecting the device to the gravity light interface. The user can adjust the brightness of the gravity light as needed to extend the lighting time accordingly.

The design team hopes that after the mass production, the gravity lamp can reduce the selling price to less than 5 US dollars (about 31 yuan), which also allows people in developing regions to switch from kerosene lamps to gravity lamps within 3 months. The project is expected to raise 55,000 U.S. dollars for current production and provide at least 1,000 gravity lights to people in places like Africa and India. After practical application, the design team will further improve this luminaire to improve work efficiency.

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