Tooth shape induction hardening automatic tracking device

In recent years, with the revitalization of construction machinery and wind power industry, large-scale slewing bearings and shaft gears have been rapidly developed. However, the quality problem common to such products is that the quenching quality of the tooth shape cannot meet the design requirements, resulting in uneven wear of the tooth shape of the slewing bearing or the shaft gear during the working process, which reduces the service life of the product.

After analysis, the main reason for the problem is: due to the large number of teeth and large modulus of such parts, the indexing is often inaccurate due to mechanical or other reasons during each indexing, resulting in tooth shape and induction during quenching. The gap of the device can not always be consistent, so that the heating is not uniform during induction heating, and the hardness of the tooth on both sides is not uniform after quenching, which eventually leads to uneven wear of the tooth shape during the working process.

In response to the above problems, Shiyan Gaozhoubo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. organized relevant personnel to carry out technical research and finally decided to adopt automatic tooth profile tracking and positioning mechanism (see Figure 1).

The automatic tooth shape tracking and positioning mechanism is mainly composed of a floating two-dimensional sliding table, a quenching transformer, a sensor transition row, a sensor rotating mechanism (see FIG. 2), a quenching sensor and a tooth shape tracking and positioning mechanism.

The floating two-dimensional sliding table is mainly provided with guiding mechanisms in the X and Y directions, and a return spring is mounted on the guiding column. When tracking and positioning, the position can be automatically adjusted according to the action of the external force, and the external force can be automatically reset after the external force is canceled. The quenching transformer and the transitional row are mainly the channels for providing energy for induction hardening; the sensor rotating mechanism is an additional function designed separately for the tracking needs of the helical helical gear. The tooth-shaped tracking and positioning mechanism is adjusted by the two cylinders before and after and the left and right positions, and always maintains the position of the sensor, which satisfies the requirement of straight tooth quenching. For the helical tooth, two balls are used as the tooth positioning mechanism, and the position of the sensor is kept fixed.

Working principle of the quenching machine: After the slewing bearing and the pinion are positioned and clamped on the indexing rotary table, the machine slide slides to the tooth position, and the sensor and the tooth profile are manually adjusted. The gap between the teeth and the tooth profile tracking and positioning mechanism are positioned in adjacent tooth profiles. After the heating power supply is started, the tooth-shaped portion can be continuously heated. After the subsequent tooth-shaped heating and quenching is completed by the indexing turntable, the heating sensor can automatically track the cylinder (ball) into the adjacent tooth shape, and complete The teeth are accurately positioned and heated without the need for gap adjustments on a tooth-by-tooth basis, thereby increasing the efficiency of induction hardening.

In order to ensure that the mechanism can meet the quenching requirements of spiral teeth and herringbone teeth at the same time, the sensor connection mechanism is designed as a rotatable structure. The induction quenching process of the helical teeth is similar to the direct tooth induction quenching, except that the three-axis servo is needed in the heating process. Linkage. Technical indicators include the floating amount before and after the floating two-dimensional sliding table: X / Y = ± 30mm; the helical angle of the helical teeth a = ± 35 °.

Through the improvement of the above functions, the performance of the mechanism fully meets the customer's needs, meets the product quality requirements, the tooth quenching quality is further improved and the quenching quality is uniform, and the metallographic structure is stable.

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