Interior decoration all-inclusive how much money interior decoration should pay attention to what details

Everyone knows that decoration is a very tedious thing. No decoration will bring a lot of trouble to the future life. Therefore, in order to ensure quality, many people will choose a quality assurance decoration company to carry out all-inclusive. Then, how much money does the interior decoration package include ? What details should be taken into account when decorating the interior? The following Xiaobian gives you a detailed introduction.

How much money for all interior decoration

As far as the interior decoration is concerned, it can be divided into three types: full package, half package, and clear package. How much money does the interior decoration package have? In fact, different decoration methods, the price is not the same, and there are many problems in the decoration is to be considered. For example: the materials chosen for the decoration, the price of different materials is not the same; the style of the house to be renovated, the cost required for each style of decoration is also not the same; and the labor costs of the constructors, etc. all affect the interior. The expenses needed for the renovation. Because there is no standard for the specific decoration costs, the amount of money spent on decoration will sometimes vary depending on the region, and the price will vary. When choosing a decoration company, the price of the decoration of different decoration companies will be different, then, how much money will be included in the interior decoration? This is still based on the actual decoration price.

Interior decoration should pay attention to what details

1. Wall paint: In the interior decoration, if the wall decoration material chosen is latex paint, this is a relatively common wall paint, latex paint can generally use the three methods of roller coating, brushing and spraying . However, if this type of wall paint is used carelessly during construction, a slight color difference will occur, which will affect the appearance of the entire interior.

2. Sewers: Sewers are sometimes overlooked by construction workers during interior decoration, but it is this that leads to problems. At the time of renovation, the construction staff often poured some cement, concrete pieces and sand produced during the renovation process into the sewers in order to save time. This is a very irresponsible act, and in serious cases, it will block the sewers and affect future life.

3. Floor tiles: Laying bricks should be very careful, because there will be problems such as empty tiles and missing seams. Therefore, paving the ground is a technical activity and we must pay more attention to it. It is also worth noting that the proportion of cement and binder used for laying tiles is unreasonable, and that the phenomenon of tile shedding will also occur.

4. The wire is threaded: Another problem is that during the renovation, all the wires in the house are almost interspersed in the PVC pipe and then buried by the construction staff. After such decoration, the owner cannot see the wires inside the PVC pipe at all. If there are any problems later in the process, it will be difficult to find out, and replacement will be more difficult.

Article Summary: The above is a brief introduction to interior decoration and interior decoration how much money all-inclusive explain the details to note made. If owners do not have time to decorate themselves, they must choose a large company with quality assurance when choosing a decoration company to be all-inclusive. And the owner himself must also understand some of the details of the decoration, or there will be some problems in the decoration, and they will regret it later.

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