China's push for wind power development equipment ahead of strategic independent innovation for enterprises to win the right to speak

Beijing May 19 news According to reports, several leading domestic wind power manufacturing companies have recently lowered their performance expectations for the first half of 2011, due to the continuous decline in wind power equipment prices, but the same thing in the eyes of wind power industry developers However, it is a good thing, because it allows them to get rid of the passive situation when negotiating with foreign wind power manufacturing giants.

China Huarui Wind Power, which ranks first in China and second in the world, wind power has been booming in recent years. The most important killer of this highly specialized high-tech company is its strong R&D strength and internationally leading technology. Wind power developers who used to purchase foreign equipment in the past can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Executive Director of Huaneng Renewables Co., Ltd. He Wei has not forgotten the frustration when negotiating with Vestas, the world's largest equipment supplier:

He Wei: They are very arrogant, including such customers as Huaneng, we basically have no say, whether it is price or after-sales, and even put forward offshore wind power you do not do, can not do it. At that time, GE's global technical director said that offshore wind power is too complicated for Chinese people to do.

However, the good operation of Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm provided by Sinovel Wind Power also broke the arbitrary assertion of GE's global technical director. In addition, Longyuan Power also invested in the construction of Jiangsu Rudong 30MW wind farm, through the actual operation of the testing of various equipment, so as to select large-scale development and construction of offshore wind farm equipment manufacturers:

Xie Changjun: Of the eight equipment manufacturers that provided wind turbines for the Jiangsu Rudong 30MW test wind farm, several products failed to meet the technical and quality requirements through more than one year of operation. However, the two 3MW units of Huarui Wind Power operated well and ranked first overall.

The net profit growth of “lead geese” of Longyuan Power and Datang Renewable Energy in the field of wind power development exceeded 80% in 2010. The reasons for the increase in its performance were the opening of the grid-connected bottleneck, and the increase in revenue from investment in wind farms, but the wind turbines were autonomous The cost reduction brought about by innovation also contributed. Hua Gang, vice president of wind power Tao Gang said:

Tao Gang: I use the metaphor of spare parts to say that until one day Chinese companies achieve localized production, prices tend to drop sharply, even to half.

According to statistics from the China Wind Energy Association, by the end of 2009, the market price of domestic wind turbines has dropped from around RMB 6,200 per kilowatt in early 2008 to less than RMB 5,000 per kilowatt. At the end of 2010, the low price of 3,850 yuan per kilowatt for Zhangbei and Hami projects once again set an industry record. Tao Gang bluntly stated that China's wind power development equipment strategy is not only to make China's production localization and cost reduction, but also, most importantly, it creates a pattern of fair competition with international giants in China.

Tao Gang: In this case, foreign countries will also bring its good models and advanced models to China. If China does not have a matching model to compete with it, it will not bring this model to China as quickly.

However, Xie Changjun, general manager of Longyuan Power also pointed out that there is a serious overcapacity in China's wind power manufacturing industry. In the long run, the development of wind power in China needs to further change the development mode:

Xie Changjun: There are currently 80, 90 manufacturing plants in China. This capacity far exceeds the current needs of China. In the next two or three years, China's wind power manufacturing industry will shake off waves and mergers and reorganizations may occur. I think there are ten in China. about there.

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